Tuesday, January 26, 2010

3 Tips for improving Google+bing search results

WallTriX for smarter, faster Google+Bing search results
As amusing as it may be, the Google search engine offers endless information in all fields of search. But sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. The Google advantage, which is clear to all, is also a flaw. How many times have you viewed the first page of search results and found that it didn’t give you what you were looking for? Search results emphasize keywords that are not always available on the actual site. Frequently they don’t give you useful search results. In addition, website optimizers turn Google keywords to their advantage. Site promotional campaigns can cause search engines to display results that only appear to be relevant to a user’s search query.

Convert Google search results into an image wall
It turns out that there’s a quick and intelligent way to find the information you need. The WallTriX search platform converts Google search results into an image wall. WallTriX instantly shows you a picture of a returned document or site. The result is better search quality in every way. A quick glance at the WallTriX search results provides real accuracy and relevancy. You can see what you’re looking for, fast. When search results are shown as images, users can immediately determine the relevancy of a site. Search is no longer an unpredictable grab bag of results, providing only partial information. WallTriX shows you the full picture. You truly see everything you need to know.

Choose from the pictures displayed your search options
The WallTriX image wall is especially useful for extensive searches. It lets you save search results not only as links, but as images of a full site. Now all that's left to do is choose from the pictures displayed to find the site that meets your needs, without getting sidetracked by irrelevant search results. How much time can you save with WallTriX? How significantly will the quality and effectiveness of your search improve? Register at the WallTriX site and download the software free of charge. You’ll see nothing but benefit. From today, you can search smartly and efficiently in minimum time.

Take a step it’s free of charge
This is just one of many remarkable applications created by the WallTriX development team, and it’s yours, free of charge. Welcome to the world of WallTriX. Here now on your desktop. Smarter, more efficient, better quality, and right at your fingertips.

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