Sunday, January 24, 2010

How to organize personal YouTube video wall?

WalltriX - One site for fast, easy, custom video management
In November 2009 alone, billions of video files were viewed via servers based in the U.S. Tens of millions of surfers around the world actively used video sharing sites to upload and share clips, distribute them by email and save movie files to their PCs. Millions of videos are uploaded every day to YouTube. To stay current and find the most popular clips, you need an easy tool that helps you manage the viewing process without making you feel like you missed something. Are you also addicted to watching videos? When surfing YouTube, do you find clips that are worth watching again and again? Wouldn’t it be great to build a personal profile to matche your viewing style and preferences?

friendly platform that enables you to build a personal video wall to present your custom selections
From today on, you too are a content editor. Build your own personal library of video clips from YouTube right on your PC screen. All you need to do to enjoy the free WallTriX service is sign up, download the software and start having fun. Thousands of users have already registered and installed the WallTriX software. They are already appreciating the easy and convenient access to unlimited videos selected on an individual basis. Every user’s personal profile is transferrable between PCs and easily shared with friends by email. Even better, WallTriX lets you download and upload video clips of up to two hours in length, in unprecedented quality. If you’re hooked on online videos, you can’t miss this service.

WallTriX - a real revolution in viewing habits
From now on, you are no longer dependent on the selections of anonymous content editors. WallTriX gives you the tools to build your personal profile for videos that exactly suit your taste and interests. Love music? Addicted to video games? Cult movie freak? Your personal video wall reflects only your taste. And you have total control. It's smart, simple and easy to use. WallTriX offers you a brand new world of viewing options, and you’re invited to jump in! Best of all, it’s free!

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