Saturday, January 30, 2010

best tips for building a video wall

here are the best tips for building a video wall recomended by walltrix platform.take a step and try them.improve your life on the net

You can Choose only the videos you like
In November 2009 alone, 30 billion video files were viewed via servers based in the U.S. Viewing videos online has gained significant momentum. Daily, major video sites offer users millions of new clips. If you love online video, you probably find yourself frequently looking for the best new material. Can you play multiple clips simultaneously on your computer? Can you turn your screen into a personal viewing wall consisting only of the clips you choose? Can you play them in sequence? It turns out you can.

New video management platform
WallTriX offers you a hot new video management platform that lets you build your own video wall containing only your personal selections. From this point forward, you can be the content editor for YouTube or other video sites you like. Any video worth saving and viewing more than once can be uploaded to your computer. And you don’t have to view one video to view at a time. You can build a wall of 10 or more videos and play them out in sequence! In this way, you can select only the best quality videos that are of interest to you. You personal video wall displays your taste, and not the ideas of some automated content program or unknown video editor.

Combine all your videos into a one single wall
Suppose you’re interested in a certain type of video – say Shakira music videos, Michael Jackson, the Beatles, the Doors or Lady GaGa. While videos for all of these artists can be found on individual YouTube channels, you can combine them into a single wall for fast viewing on your computer. Easy to use and with a friendly interface, WallTriX significantly improve your online video experience. By using WallTriX, you become your own video editor and can show off your tastes on your computer, and online.

Share your video wall with anyone on the net
The Video walls you have built can be share with anyone online. Friends, your social networks, fan clubs – anyone you can think of! WallTriX is a fantastic promotional tool. The wall display is also a great place for social networking. On the WallTriX site, you can search for and connect with friends and other users who share similar tastes. Rate, share and send video walls directly to your friends on the site, or to anyone online via a link to your profile on the site. Want to know more about the WallTriX video revolution? Visit us and discover a better way to view online video anywhere, anytime.

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