Monday, February 1, 2010

Create an Online Photo Album without a Storage Limit. Start now

Use WallTriX for the Most Generous Storage Online
Uploading pictures has become an integral part of today’s web. Millions of images are uploaded daily for private and business purposes. The large photo sharing sites offer free storage. However, in most cases, they also limit the number of images you can upload. Even worse, they constrain the size of each image. Do you like uploading photos regularly? Are you waiting too long for your pictures to upload? Are you forced to compromise on photo quality so you can share more pictures? The online world is changing fast, and so are the needs of surfers.

Create an album with hundreds of pictures
WallTriX believes in an open world without limits on images or storage volume. From now on, you can upload as many pictures as you want, of any file size, without limit. And most importantly, WallTriX is completely free! Imagine a site where you can organize your all of your pictures, then display them on your own private wall or a wall open to other surfers. Imagine a site where you can send as many photos as you want to wherever you want, without limits on size or quality. How about an album of hundreds of pictures? No problem.

Start sharing pictures with your friends
With WallTriX, all of this is possible, and easy! Want to share your pictures with your friends? WallTriX supports a wide range of distribution apps to help you send any album, of any size, to whatever destination you choose. With WallTriX, your personal photo album reflects your taste and style, without restrictions and with no compromises on your part. You'll also be pleasantly surprised at how fast you can upload photos to your album, in spite of limits placed by your internet provider. And WallTriX offers you content management at a level you’ve never seen.

Upload pictures without compromising on quality
Many users compromise on picture quality to upload more photos. Does it have to be this way? not anymore. WallTriX offers you a huge number of options for photo upload, display, storage and distribution. All of this via a smart, friendly interface. And that’s not the only service available to you from WallTriX. Want to enjoy WallTriX’s amazing advanced functionality? Go to the site, register, and download WallTriX for free. A new age in surfing is unfolding. Welcome aboard!

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