Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Are you Looking for a Media Player for Every Format? seek for Walltrix

Play it Again, WallTriX!
How many media players do you use to upload files? Of the media players you know, how many support every single format? How many times have you not been able to play a file because of incompatibility with your player? It’s an inconvenient fact of life, but now there’s a simple, friendly, easy-to-use solution.

Play any media file without compatibility issues
The WallTriX media player plays any media file without compatibility issues. Use it and you’ll see that it’s perfectly designed for our online world. WallTriX is a fabulous tool to use both with file sharing sites and on your own computer. You really can watch and listen to any file you choose without compatibility issues. Does it Sound interesting? Go to the WallTriX site and see the amazing WallTriX capabilities for yourself. If you’ve been using a collection of media players to play files, WallTriX is waiting for you and any file you want to play.

A quality surfing experience in any formatWallTriX has been developed specifically for the needs of surfers in the age of file sharing. Experienced users know that it’s the one media player that can handle every format out there. If you have an iPod, WallTriX will play your files. It also works great with audio file sharing sites. You can upload and download files fast and efficiently with no compatibility problems. The result? A quality surfing experience in any format you encounter.

Discover the next generation media playerThe WallTriX media player provides a range of new possibilities online and on your computer. If you want to run multiple media files simultaneously, you can do it more easily, and save yourself a long series of unnecessary operations. WallTriX will show you the files and let you run them all simultaneously, or in sequence in the order of your choosing. If you’ve been disappointed up till now with the poor compatibility of your media player, it’s time to discover the next generation media player that can handle it all.

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