Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dear Lawyer, Meet Your New Partner – new tool new style at work

Dear Lawyer, give us 5 minutes of your time and you’ll discover a unique tool that will significantly help you in the legal process. What tactics will you use to manage a case? How can you draw a clear line of logic that will prove your assertions? What method can you use to establish all of your positions? At the decisive moment, the day before trial, how can you verify that your legal position is clear and obvious? There’s an answer to all of these questions, an answer that can be summed up in one word: WallTriX.

WallTriX Creates Order in Your Files
The legal process means dealing with hundreds and sometimes thousands of files. How exactly can WallTriX help you? WallTriX was created by a crack team of Israeli developers as a suite of unique applications that, in combination, provide a range of solutions for your case building needs. WallTriX converts text files to images and presents them on visual display walls. Imagine your workflow clearly laid out and divided into the various stages of the legal process. presentation of allegations, then the evidence, followed by proof and finally the summary. At every stage, you can see The full picture, as pictures Images, in fact. Instead of drowning in a sea of files, WallTriX allows you to build a clear, easily visualized process that comprises only the files relevant to the case.

The WallTriX Search Engine Will Find the Files for You
The WallTriX search engine makes it possible to view all of the files in your computer as images. Not text files, but actual images of the files. In this way you can scroll through them and intuitively identify the files you want from among the hundreds collected to prepare the case. All you need to do is glance at them to locate the ones you want. Very quickly you will realize that working with the WallTriX tools and applications accelerates you workflow and enables smart preparation for trial day.

WallTriX Creates a Smart Dialog With Your Partners
Who that teamwork is essential to legal success better than you? When you’re putting a case together, you likely want to share it with partners and colleagues. WallTriX enables you to send your display wall of files to any recipient in total security. You set how your profile can be viewed: open to all, or private with complete discretion. If you allow file access for only a specific recipient, that person alone can view the display wall. In this way you can share all the moves you make with partners and colleagues, and enjoy the benefits of effective teamwork.

Improve You Decision Making Process with Document Display
You built your legal strategy on the relevant files. Now post them on your display wall to identify the weak points in your arguments. Correct, improve, edit, add new files and remove those that are no longer needed. You’ll soon see how your work processes improve using the WallTriX tools and applications. They accelerate your workflow as a jurist and as a professional striving for excellence. WallTriX is the best partner you could have in building a successful legal case. And the good news is that it won’t cost you a single cent. WallTriX is yours, free. At no cost. Do Want to know more? Go to the WallTriX site and select the tools and applications that will improve your effectiveness at work today!

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