Saturday, February 27, 2010

New post>Why I Don’t Follow @aplusk: Ashton Kutcher on Twitter?

Why don’t I follow @aplusk: Ashton Kutcher on Twitter? Why have I decided that I don’t have time for a process that promotes @aplusk: Ashton Kutcher instead of myself? After all, that’s the purpose of being online. Everyone is active online to promote himself. Every profile, every account, every message, every link - all of the information passed from surfer to surfer is designed to promote the person who distributes it, whether directly or indirectly.

You can learn from @aplusk: Ashton kutcher, but Don’t Follow Him
@aplusk: Ashton Kutcher creates online buzz through Twitter. But it is his trend, not yours. If you decide to follow him to be part of the crowd, in my opinion, you’re making a mistake. Your just wasting time in an unnecessary process that you didn’t create. Are you naïve enough to think that someone will pay attention to you through @aplusk: Ashton Kutcher’s account? Not a chance, unless you are Demi Moore.

Don’t Remain Anonymous. Earn Points by Sharing
Why should they pay attention to you? You’ve no doubt asked yourself this very question. Well you’re right. For people to pay attention to you, you have to start something of your own online, To create and generate content. Let’s Say, a blog, an article, a video clip. It has to be something new, a contribution to the online community you are part of. contributes to the community by disseminating available information. Tweetmeme is an online aggregator. Here you can find all the information you could want, choose the hottest news and distribute it. If you’re among the first to know, there’s a chance someone will notice you. is a distributor of online buzz. If you track this site, you can keep your finger on the pulse of everything trendy on the internet. allows you to view and rate the most popular online viral videos. Billions of videos were out there in cyberspace every day in December 2009. You think you can follow them all? The best approach is to keep tabs on these major internet junctions and watch the direction of traffic. Keep your distance from the Ashton Kutchners, though. They just create momentary buzz that won’t get you anywhere.

How Can I Follow So Many Sites?
One of the ways to track many sites simultaneously is through WallTriX. A hot new software from a crack team of Israeli programmers, WallTriX provides tools and applications that enable you to create visual display walls. The walls comprise images of sites you select, including the ones you visit regularly. WallTriX converts text and other file types to images and presents them on these display walls. Like this, you can you can see the full picture, not just a small part of it.

A quick registration at the WallTriX site turns you into an active surfer who can move online effectively without wasting your valuable time on the unnecessary and the irrelevant. WallTriX also enables you to build a personal profile made up of the content you love. There are milions of surfers out there who share your taste. They’ll be happy to find you, to follow you and to enjoy the media you present.

Ashton Kutcher: @aplusk Will Never Be Your Online Partner
He’s a great guy, but he’ll just take advantage of one trend or another to convince you to take part in his thing. On the other hand, WallTriX can be your partner in online promotion. The good news it that you don’t pay a single cent for it. WallTriX is available to you, free. At no cost. Want to know more? Go to the WallTriX site now and start collecting the tools and applications that will boost your effectiveness online.

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