Sunday, February 7, 2010

The New Social Media Platform: Share Your free Style with Your Friends

Does your brain can handle the number of Facebook friends you have ?
Walltrix, The new social media trend helps you to build a real and helpfull connections.

According to your brain cannot retain the number of friends you have on Facebook. Can you even remember the number of accounts you follow on Twitter? It’s fair to say that you don’t have any emotional connection to most of them. They’re just more data that shows up on your screen. The advent of social networking has caused a huge inflation in the number of your online friends and connections.

These connections don’t always reflect real social relationships. Ask yourself why you added someone to your list of friends, and you’ll frequently find that it wasn’t for any practical purposes. Millions of surfers are creating connections based on nothing personal. Social networks have become promotional tools of the first order. But the connections are based only on promotion, and not on personal style or taste.

The WallTriX site is a unique platform that offers a world of distribution possibilities based on true style and personal taste. At the site, you can create a display wall based on online searches that show only your unique taste. Your video display wall consists of images of the movies you like, the music you love and the sites that are important to you. You can build as many walls as you want. You can send them to any of your friends on the WallTriX network, and to anywhere outside of the site. The result? Your connections become personal, and you find that you have more in common with your online friends.

Think about it. All of your connections to friends on Facebook and Twitter are based on links, headlines and snippets of information that don’t really help to establish a connection. WallTriX gives you the opportunity to share files that reflect your personal style. We’re not talking about a profile page that is exactly the same as millions of others. With WallTriX, you’ve got a personalized display wall presenting your own unique taste.

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