Monday, February 8, 2010

Working Simultaneously On your Desktop with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and flicker

Take a step to The Next Challenge: Smart Surfing with Walltrix

How much time do you spend surfing every day? Do you feel you miss quality content, in part because of challenges in organizing your desktop? How can you look and surf simultaneously, and not feel that you might have missed the latest buzz? You have to admit that T.V. isn’t what it was. Tens of millions of surfers around the world now spend more time in front of the computer.

While watching T.V.,you can switch between channels so quickly that you don’t feel you missed anything. But on the internet, one of the most common problems encountered by surfers is the challenge of parallel browsing: opening and closing web pages. switching to a search engine. finding the relevant page. jumping from a site full of files to a social networking site. posting on forums, sending a tweet on twitter. going back to email. writing a message, and then finally back the site where it all started. Separate operations needed for all of these activities. from now on, you can enjoy parallel surfing using WallTriX!

The New Trend: Parallel Surfing on as Many Sites as You Like

You have to admit that the era of social networking and file sharing presents a real challenge for the average surfer. The internet has evolved and become a first-class entertainment tool. Surfers are no longer satisfied with simple activities like searching on Google or sending email. They expect audio and video content, want to connect on social networks, enjoy downloading programs, posting on forums and hanging out in front of the screen while managing a dynamic and frenetic lifestyle. As the internet evolves, surfers face the challenge of organizing all of the content they consume from various sites. With WallTriX, it’s not an issue. WallTriX helps you to manage and content edit simultaneously while surfing. Through a simple, friendly interface that displays files as images, you can build a display wall of all of your favorite sites, and manage them all in parallel. You’ll never feel like you missed the latest hot topic again.

WallTriX Easily Handles the Explosion of Online Content

Millions of new files are uploaded to the internet every day at leading sites. This is definitely the information superhighway and it doesn’t have any speed limits. Over time, content overload has become the greatest online challenge. Even if you have the flexibility and reflexes of an Olympic athlete, you’ll have trouble managing and organizing all of the information, some of which is no doubt of interest to you. The WallTriX display wall helps you keep control of things online. Like a heads up display, all of the sites you want are laid out before you, and you can simply and quickly navigate to the ones you want. The interface is easy, fast, user-friendly and, most important, doesn’t cost you any money. Not one cent. So… go to the WallTriX site. Register and download the software, and start enjoying surfing in parallel that makes the internet fun again!

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