Monday, February 15, 2010

Obama, It’s Time to Reorganize Your Agenda

Obama Your Day Planner Needs Hope and Change
Google the word “Obama” and you’ll get 299,000,000 results. This makes you one of the highest-profile people in the world. It’s not easy to get to this status. They say you’re one of the greatest communicators ever. This is seen in your ability to speak directly to your electorate. Even more important, how will you maintain close contact with them?

A Small Hint – Start by Organizing Your Desktop
As trivial as it sounds, it all begins on your desktop. The Iranian threat, the Chinese crisis, health care reform, the draft of your next speech to congress – it’s all on there on your PC. In this regard, you’re no different to anyone else. You just have to be more efficient and better organized, because your time is much more valuable. If you want to stay in control, you can start by managing your desktop with WallTriX. If you’ve been working with files until now, allow us to give you a little tip – start managing your files as images. Every file appears on your desktop as an image. In this way, you can immediately recognize every file and increase your work output.

WallTriX Helps You Keep in Touch With the World
Here’s how we think your day starts. You scan the headlines of the leading news sites (,,, check out what’s going on at, read what they wrote about you at, see who signed up at and visit the official white house channel on YouTube. Tweet a few tweets on Twitter, update your status on Facebook (don’t worry, we all do it). If you only knew how easily you could create a display wall of all of the sites you visit regularly, you’d switch to WallTriX in a second.

Bottom line, you get exactly the information you choose, and you can focus on whatever interests you at any given moment. We call this parallel surfing. Why be stuck with one channel when you could be connected to the world in a single click? We know you’re one of the busiest men in the world. A man whose every moment in his life is critical. So here’s our suggestion. Stay in touch with the world through a smart, friendly interface that will help you organize your day. The highest-profile man deserves the best partner. No, we’re not asking you to replace Rahm Emmanuel. But WallTriX will help you manage your agenda and significantly improve you effectiveness.

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