Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Personal Note to Steve Jobs+all I have to say about the iPAD

It’s Not a McDonalds Tray –
It’s the iPAD. A First Class Communications Product
That was the first thought that came to mind when I saw the iPad. But then I started to read all the articles, get into it, and try to understand what’s going on in the head of a man who shaken up the industry with a product I don’t understand the need for. Granted, it’s different, desirable, trendy and definitely out-of-the-box thinking like all Apple products. But what are people going to do with a product that doesn’t enable, as of now, watching video clips? A product that requires installs Apple’s applications to watch videos? And even worse than the video, the iPad doesn’t support Flash. It simply waives the hundreds of sites that use Flash Player.

Hey, it’s a war out there. you’re giving up on the most popular player and leaving iPad owners without the ability to enjoy file sharing sites that use Flash? Note to Steve Jobs: you’re bailing on the most important technology of the next decade. I saw your presentation. For some reason, I had a feeling that you were the only one who was enthusiastic about all the applications. Have you stopped innovating? Maybe you can’t innovate anymore? Is the iPad just a big, flat PR stunt? Do you remember what did you say in Stanford? “Stay hungry, stay foolish”. Maybe you are not hungry enough.

It’s Not a Skateboard Minus the Wheels – It’s a Hot New Product. Maybe.
I apologize for the cynicism. There have already been so many jokes written about the iPad that it is probably best to find comedy in the development budget of the product you created. Take Adam Sandler, give him one of your skateboards without wheels, and ask him to watch videos on the iPad. Of course, it’s without the needed application. I’m sure it will be quite a hit. Not Avatar maybe, but at least as good as You Don’t Mess with The Zohan. Who exactly were you thinking of when you developed the iPad? The iPhone’s captive audience? They can watch videos, but only on the iPhone screen. It’s Not exactly an amazing viewing experience. You’re supposed to understand that this is the era of video. Google gets it, why don’t you? As soon as people figure out you want them to walk around with a fancy ironing board that doesn’t even support Flash, they’ll give it a pass.

It’s Not a Sanitary Pad for Elephants –
It’s the Hottest New gadget in New York
Let me understand this. You really believe that apart from Apple fans and iPhone lovers, the iPad will enlarge the circle of Apple users? Are you living in a fantasy that people have no choice? What am I supposed to do with half a phone I can’t call from and half a computer without Flash Player that won’t let me watch video? If I want to read articles on TechCrunch, I can do it from my home PC or my mobile. Why should I buy a product I can’t use? Why bother?

It’s Not an Alien Ironing Board –
It’s the Next hot gadget. Maybe yes maybe no.
I checked out the iPad. I find it hard to believe that there is something here that I’m missing. Steve - if you will allow me to call you Steve - I’m a potential customer. At least let me call you by your name. Personally, I think it looks like an iPhone on steroids. a kind of technological chicken. In this new age, we’re supposed to be flexible, mobile and carry our entire worlds in a single device. One single device. Yes. The iPhone. But why the heck am I also supposed to carry an ironing board for aliens? It’s the era of survival. of hunters and hunted. It’s Darwinism of the latest version. To survive you created a genius product like the iPhone. So why mess it up with a product that looks like a sanitary pad for elephants?

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