Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Perfect Tool for Real Estate Agents

If you’re a real estate agent in the US or anywhere else in the world, you need to know about WallTriX. It’s an amazing tool for reaching clients and showing them visual display walls of images and video perfectly customized to your target market.

List Your Properties on a Display Wall and Send them to Clients!
Competing successfully in real estate depends on more than just a list of properties. It also means responding fast to potential customers. WallTriX enables you to show your clients an impressive display wall of properties in a single click. This is a fantastic way to demonstrate that you are the professional they are seeking, and that it is well within their interests to work with you. Let’s look at a case study.

Say you receive a customer request for a property in a particular location. The customer sets the budget, provides an outline of what they want, and you have to come up with possibilities. So you go to the WallTriX site. You sign up and download the program for free. Quickly set up a personal profile. Then easily create a fantastic display wall of photos of the relevant properties. Next, with a single click, send a link to the wall to the customer. The customer follows the link, opens the display wall, selects the properties of interest and bingo! You’re well on your way to closing a deal. By using WallTriX you saved time, money you would otherwise have spent on more expensive software tools, and you significantly increased your productivity.

Upload Videos to the Display Wall and Send them to Clients
Let’s say the customer isn’t won over by the photos. You can certainly impress them further with video presentations. Set up a display wall of videos of any length you want, without restrictions on file size. Send the link to the customer. They can view the videos for a more appealing perspective on the properties you’ve selected. You don’t have to depend on streaming video services or file sharing sites. WallTriX provides the optimal solution for expanding your real estate business.

WallTriX Helps You Close the Deal - Anytime, Anywhere!
Even if you’re based in the US and show properties from all over the world, WallTriX is the ideal tool to promote your business. Your WallTriX profile and display wall can be accessed by clients anytime, from anywhere in the world. Refer to your profile on Twitter, Facebook, or your existing website or blog. In this way WallTriX helps you reach every potential client that wants to purchase, sell or rent a property. Where fast response and first impressions are critical to business performance, WallTriX is your ideal online partner. Check out the WallTriX site today for advantageous tools and applications that will help you close real-estate deals.

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