Friday, February 19, 2010

The Ideal Tool for Producers and Casting Agencies

If you’re in television or internet production: you need to know about new tools and applications for quick, effective presentation of the production process. You need them to constantly, improve the service your company provides.

WallTriX Improves and Streamlines the Production Process
Working with all parties to a production demands coordination between multiple departments. WallTriX lets you present visual display walls that show every stage of a production with a single click. You can work with the director using images of potential locations. With the casting agent, review actor pictures. With equipment suppliers, view equipment lists for every week’s work. WallTriX also enables you to significantly improve the efficiency of your desktop by viewing your files as images. When you can see every document as an image, you can quickly identify and locate what you need.

With WallTriX, everyone in a production can see their own display wall comprising exactly what they need. There is no need for constant explanations, frequent reminders and ongoing clarifications. WallTriX is friendly, and to the point. All the details that any part of the production requires are on their wall, customized to their exact requirements. Imagine the improvement in the effectiveness of your production company. It’s easy. All you need to do is go to the WallTriX site, sign up and download the free software. Set up a personal profile, then create a display wall of images. Next, with a single click, send a link to the wall to whoever needs it. The link arrives with all of the information organized and ready to go. By using WallTriX you save time, money and significantly increase your productivity.

Send as Many Display Walls as You Want to Clients and Supplier
Got a new storyboard? Put it up on your display wall and add director’s notes. Casting agency submitted new talent? Put the selections on the display wall to quickly see who you still need to find. WallTriX gives you a smart cataloging system that lets you work in parallel with every party in a production, and all in perfect synchronization. Stuck without an updated show reel? Send your display wall to the client so they can see short clips of your work. The WallTriX media player supports every file format. You can be sure that your video clips will play out right without a problem. You don’t have to depend on streaming video services or file sharing sites. WallTriX provides the optimal storage solution, and at no cost.

WallTriX Helps You Promote Your Production Company Anywhere!
Your WallTriX company profile can be accessed and viewed by clients anytime, from anywhere in the world. If you want to grow your business, you can use your WallTriX profile as a smart presentation. Refer briefly to your WallTriX profile on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or your existing website or blog. In this way, WallTriX helps you reach every potential client that might be interested in your production services. Where fast response and first impressions are critical to business performance, WallTriX is your ideal online partner. Check out the WallTriX site today for advantageous tools and applications that will help you take your production company to the next level.

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