Sunday, February 21, 2010

smart tool for video marketing> take a step and use it free of charge

WallTriX video marketing is one of the most effective online marketing tools. Millions of small businesses, companies and advertising agencies promote and advertise through video marketing techniques. Video marketing has become one of the most important growth engines for small and medium-size businesses. It’s time you got to know the most effective internet video marketing platform available.

Your Videos Deserve Support!
If you’re a business owner marketing yourself on the internet, you’ve no doubt noticed an increasing trend. Banner advertising has now become the minimum point of entry for business promotion. And surfers are no longer satisfied with simple text pages. They now expect video presentations about your business or company. If you have not yet engaged in video marketing, you probably will in 2010. You will also want to distribute your videos as widely as possible online. WallTriX enables you to upload your videos in a supportive environment, and helps you run your online video marketing campaign with maximum effectiveness.

WallTriX Enables Storage and Upload of Video from any Website
Will your videos stand out among the millions of videos uploaded to YouTube? YouTube is responsible for 90% of all online video activity. By planning ahead, you can upload your videos to YouTube and build a video display wall using WallTriX. From there, all you need to do is send the wall as a presentation to potential customers. WallTriX is also a social network, and it enables you to show your videos to anyone you want. You can promote your video wall on any site or forum, or send it to potential clients by direct email. WallTriX is free, and doesn’t limit the length or size of videos. You can upload as many videos as you want, on any topic!

WallTriX – Your Home Field Advantage
Your competitors repeat the word “YouTube” like a mantra. Stand out with a unique WallTriX presentation! Select the videos to show, quickly build a video wall and make your offer. WallTriX enables you to highlight your presentation among millions of others fighting it out online. With WallTriX, you can present yourself without having to battle the overwhelming noise of the competition.

You’ve Only Got 10 Seconds to Impress a Client
Your video display wall focuses your client on your message, not on the thousands of other messages blocking your presentation. You only have 10 seconds to impress the client, interest them, persuade them and sell. Don’t waste them on sites that pile surfers with useless information. Target effectively and draw the client’s attention to the messages in your video. You won’t get their attention twice.

On the internet, you don’t get a second chance. WallTriX helps you get the most out of every interaction with a potential client online. Where fast response and first impressions are critical to business performance, WallTriX is your ideal online partner. Visit the WallTriX site today for free tools and applications to maximize your online video marketing.

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