Monday, August 30, 2010

Google Buzz And Walltrix/The New Vision/ Brilliant Tools for Google Buzz

Google Buzz And Walltrix Brilliant Tools for Google Buzz. As millions of surfers continue to tweet endlessly, Google has just made a move to recover from Google Wave. Google Wave was a complex service that never managed to get much response from surfers. It seems however that the new Google Buzz has succeeded in creating the right kind of buzz. has already added a Buzz button right next to the Retweet button. For surfers, it’s another advanced messaging service supported by Gmail that is supposed to enhance online presence. If you share with your friends through Twitter, from here on you do it through Google Buzz as well.

Share Great Content with Your Friends with the WallTriX Content Platform. On all messaging services you should share original content with your friends. Billions of tweets are tweeted from Twitter every month, and among them are millions of repeat messages. These repeat messages pop up every time some user finds a bit of information and decides to share it to promote their Twitter account. Do you think you can generate original messages for Google Buzz? Something that will stand out and allow significant numbers of surfers to find you and follow your account?

Content is King. As Long as it is Original Enough. The huge mass of online messages blocks individual surfers from standing out and promoting their unique messages. WallTriX provides you with a great opportunity to create original content using a range of new tools. WallTriX can be downloaded for free. It was developed by Israeli technology experts to expand your online capabilities, and comprises a smart search engine, fully-functional browser and media player. WallTriX converts files to images, making it easy to identify the documents and content on your computer, as well as in any search engine result.

Send Google Buzz with a WallTriX Display Wall. While YouTube lets you broadcast yourself, WallTriX gives you complete online control. The whole world is there, right on your desktop. It’s a true content revolution that now allows you to create unique display walls in your personal taste and style. Videos, clips, games, cool posts, the latest news, pictures and more! Imagine your buzz on Google Buzz with a link to your display walls – display walls sought after by keyword by users who share your exact taste and interests. So you can keep on tweeting on Twitter… like everyone else. Or you can post original content you collect to really make your online presence known on Google Buzz. Want to stand out? Get to the WallTriX site today and start building some real online buzz!

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