Saturday, August 21, 2010

10 + 1 Sites and Twitter Accounts to Promote Yourself and Make Your Online Life Easy

10 sites and accounts to promote yourself on Twitter and make your online profile more relevant to various promotion strategies. Quotes and retweets from these sites and accounts will add additional followers to your Twitter account. These followers will then pass your tweets forward. Promoting yourself on Twitter doesn’t start by sending tweets. It requires insight and true relevance to your target audience. Focus on the right site, set up the right processes and significantly improve your online effectiveness on Twitter.

The Social Media Guide –
Anyone who wants to stay up to date with internet news has to visit this site at least once a day. Its real strength is excellent articles that cover the hottest online news in real time. The information is a fantastic resource and is quoted by thousands of blogs, web promoters, account holders on file sharing sites, social networking experts and millions of regular surfers thirsty for up to date, relevant information. Type @mashable in the twitter search box to locate users who sent tweets marked by RT. Retweet their messages. By doing this, your account is added to the current message and will be seen by other accounts that are not yet following you. – The Search Engine Powered by Tweets
Twitter now distributes more than a billion messages a month. So how can you track the hottest tweets and twitter accounts? In a word: Topsy. If there’s a hot topic that you want a retweet count for, all you have to do is use this site to locate the messages with the highest number of retweets. In this way, you streamline your message distribution and avoid wasting retweets on posts that aren’t important. It’s an effective and precise search engine that enables you to track Twitter trends and follow hot topics. By doing so, you can be certain that your tweets and retweets will also be of interest to other surfers.

@twitter_tips – The Official Twitter Tips Site
Tips are one of the most sought-after topics online. Don’t miss this particularly active account, especially since it’s the official Twitter account. If you’re interested in promoting yourself, your account better be seen retweeting from this account. Look into the online effectiveness of @twitter_tips and you’ll find that it occupies some serious search real estate. Tens of thousands of surfers quote from the tips here and of course promote themselves by retweeting tip contents, links, discussions and messages from this account.

@reelseo – The Site for Video Marketing and Video SEO
In November 2009, 30 billion video files were viewed through servers based in the US. In December of the same year, traffic was recorded at a billion videos per day and rising. Reelseo provides the hottest information on everything related to online video marketing. Retweet messages containing the keyword @reelseo and you’ll discover that there are a whole lot of surfers who are interested in your posts. Video is one of the hottest topics online. Tracking leading site in this area can help you stand out and increase your online presence.

WallTriX – Combined Search Engine, Browser, Media Player and Social Network
WallTriX offers a range of effective methods to track sites by presenting them on visual display walls. The WallTriX search engine displays documents and files as images. This enables true parallel surfing. If you want to enjoy a broad range of sites simultaneously on your desktop and at the same time manage what you’re doing at every one of them, get to know WallTriX. It’s simply one of the smartest websites out there. WallTriX is the ideal solution for multitask surfing. When you’re online, you do a lot at the same time: information searches, watching videos, sharing files, file distribution, sending email, storing photos and much more. WallTriX offers all of the applications and tools to handle these tasks in a single smart, easy to use interface.

@buzzfeed – the hottest viral distribution site online
There are very few sites that are quality platforms for online distribution. is one of them. Look for this account on Twitter or at and you’ll find all the hot topics worth following. Online promotion requires that you provide information to other surfers. Following the @buzzfeed account will help you keep you finger on the pulse of the best topics in viral distribution – the coolest videos, pictures, blogs and messages. Here’s a tip: look for the @buzzfeed account using the search engine. Locate the messages with the highest number of retweets and quote those messages. You have no idea what a goldmine popular viral links can be! – Twitter’s Aggregator Site
In one sentence: a real goldmine. Every article, news post and trend on Twitter appears on this site ranked according to the number of retweets. You’ll find a huge selection of topics to interest surfers. All you need to do is select the articles and messages with the most retweets. At a time where the internet is bursting with new information every day, you need a smart tool to help you filter out the junk and focus on only the hottest, most relevant information. – Real-Time Search for User-Generated Media, Including Web Blogs
In the era of online information sharing, you don’t have the luxury of wasting time searching for irrelevant content. is a warehouse of up to date material on a range of topics: business, technology, blogs, entertainment, videos, lifestyle and more. Track this site and you can find the hottest info online in record time. There’s no point in posting messages that were published two weeks ago. The lifetime of online information is incredibly short, especially on Twitter. What was relevant yesterday is old news by today. Following a site like puts you in the know about the hot information circulating online, and enables you to increase your number of followers. You need to make this happen because you’re not alone on Twitter. Millions of users are sending billions of tweets a month. You need people to be paying attention to your account

@copyblogger - Copywriting Advice for Bloggers and Online Marketers
More and more businesses and professional are starting to understand the importance of online marketing. At a time where text has massive importance in the sales process, presents itself as a quality content site for online marketing. The articles and correspondence on the site are sent by email to thousands of bloggers and online marketers to promote and better themselves via the articles and tips. Another important aspect: if you have information to distribute, the people following @copyblogger need to know about you. We’re talking thousands of professionals in online distribution, marketing and sales. If your information is relevant, you may find this account to be a great platform for content distribution.

@macTweeter – Apple & Mac News
You can’t miss one of the key online populations. It’s made up of internet specialists, website designers, art directors, mac fans, ipod fans, mac and iphone application experts, and anyone else interested in the meeting of communication and design. Following @macTweeter will help you stay in touch with the folks who know the very latest details about everything Apple and Mac. Retweeting from @macTweeter will give you exposure to a quality target audience that recognizes and appreciates the hottest new information available online.

@google – Google’s Twitter Account
The clear advantage of following Google’s Twitter account is the chance to benefit from the huge number of retweets by other surfers of almost every Google message. You won’t find Google posts that aren’t retweeted. From this perspective, it’s a golden opportunity to increase your online presence without a whole lot of work. Every message you target can promote you. A critical mass of more than 2 million surfers gives you the chance, certainly from a statistical perspective, to reach key audiences that take interest in all things internet, website promotion, content distribution, search engine optimization, and a broad range of additional topics of interest to millions of surfers worldwide.

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