Wednesday, September 1, 2010

King Of The Internet, What’s Your Favorite Site?

What’s your favorite site? It’s got to be one of the big ones. Maybe Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Baidu, Twitter or MySpace. Let’s say you’re an average surfer who visits the leading sites. If we told you that there’s a single site where you can do precisely what you can do in all of the sites we just discussed, and even a little more, you’d probably be surprised.

Imagine a site that allows you to do what ever you want and even a bit more. A site that you’re guaranteed to enjoy, especially with a smart interface giving you a broad range of tools and applications. Want to search online? The WallTriX search engine manages your every query fast and present the results as images on a visual display wall. Looking for an easy, friendly browser? The WallTriX browser can handle any site you visit and improves your surfing in every way. Want a media player that supports every format? The WallTriX media player can play anything without a hiccup.

Experience Surfing at a Level You’ve Never Known. How many times can you tweet on Twitter? Do you really know all of your Facebook friends? And how the heck do you find only the videos you like on YouTube? When you use WallTriX, there’s no question. The site was designed to give you tools and applications that provide unlimited solutions for your online activities. If you’re a fan of video, you can collect clips from any site you like and use them to build amazing video display walls. Looking for new friends online? Instead of settling for a static page that looks like millions of others, you can build your own world. Really express your personal style. Build as many display walls as you like and present them to whoever you want. Your WallTriX profile is yours, and doesn’t look like anyone else’s.

WallTriX is Your Home Page. Instead of skipping from site to site, you can build a smart profile that handles all of your needs. We don’t mean that you have to give up your preferred sites. The opposite, in fact. Only with WallTriX can you combine the best of all worlds – a display wall comprising only the sites you love. Using the friendly WallTriX interface you can jump from site to site quickly and keep up with the pace online. The unique WallTriX platform lets you keep your finger on the pulse of everything – it’s your internet cockpit and navigator that allows you to get to any online location with extreme precision, and without wasting time. This way, you enjoy every moment of your surfing. Want to know more? All you need to do is go to the WallTriX site and sign up free. Download the free software and discover the smartest home page you’ve ever known.

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