Friday, September 3, 2010

Flicker fan? Upload More Pictures Without Limits. WallTriX vs. Flickr

Flicker fan? Flicker user? Art Director, Photographer, Designer or Regular User – Before You Upload an Album to Flickr, You Need to Know the Facts. It’s no coincidence that WallTriX is the preferred site of both professionals and amateurs who know where to find the best photo upload service online. Flickr limits simultaneous photo uploads. By contrast, WallTriX enables fast upload of tons of your photos in a fraction of the time other sites take. Try to upload a photo to Flickr and you’ll discover that it just takes forever. The WallTriX upload process saves you time by optimizing data compression before upload without any loss of photo quality.

WallTriX Lets You Work Without Storage Limits. So are we being clear? We have absolutely no problem with you uploading huge numbers of photos. Our servers can handle albums of any size without affecting your photo quality. Does Flickr allow you to upload as many photos as you want of any size? Of course not. With Flickr you get a set storage limit that you can’t exceed. But with WallTriX you can post all of your albums, and you can do it at record speed compared to Flickr.

One Visit to WallTriX Will Leave You Convinced. Now that you have the facts, all you need to do is to try the WallTriX photo storage service at the WallTriX site. It’s free and there’s no storage limits. As we mentioned, the upload speed is significantly faster than Flickr. And photo upload is not the only service WallTriX offers. If you’re into posting videos, you’ll soon find that video upload at WallTriX is faster than YouTube. video files are processed on your computer to be as small as 10% of original size. There are also no limits on the length of videos you can post with WallTriX. On YouTube, however, you’re limited to only 10 minutes. How sad. Maybe you should be moving to WallTriX already?

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