Monday, September 6, 2010


A One-Stop Site Made Just for You. Consider your online activity. It’s almost certain that at least once a day you visit one or more of the leading sites: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Flickr, Digg or FriendFind. All of these sites offer different services. This in spite of the fact that the fact that at some of them, all of your actions can appear on other sites too. Is this enough for you? Doesn’t it bother you to have to build tens of online profiles to enjoy this wide range of activities?

If we told you that there is a single site and a single platform that offers you everything you ever dreamt of: a visionary search engine, a file sharing service, a browser, a media player and a social network. A site built on the principles of a widely useful platform. No doubt you’d ask where you could sign up. Especially if you knew that all of the services were available for free. At precisely no charge. Well, that site is WallTriX. And all you need to do is sign up and start enjoying a remarkable range of tools, apps and services.

How is WallTriX Able to Do it All? Because it’s built smart. It’s simple and friendly, and designed to organize all of your internet activities in a single platform. At the WallTriX site, you can create a visual display wall that shows all of your online activity. Why is this important? So that you can better manage what you do online without losing precious time. A quick registration at the site and you will discover the real value of the content you create. Every display wall you generate can be sent to anybody, anywhere. In this way you can assure yourself a personal profile comprising only your personal selection. What do you see when you look at a Twitter profile? Text and links, and more text and more links. A billion short messages that require you to take additional action to understand the meaning behind the text and the links. In most cases, you won’t even click on a link because you have no idea what it links to. At the WallTriX site, your profile is created using visual display walls. With WallTriX, you see the content you create. You don’t just get a line of text.

Why is WallTriX Able to Organize Everything for You? Because it’s arranged in the simplest and most friendly way possible. The visual search engine presents every search as a collection of images to save you valuable time. This also makes the search results far more effective. For example, have you noticed that on YouTube the most popular videos don’t get enough exposure? You can only select a single video. With WallTriX you can select multiple video clips. In fact, you can create playlists without limits based on the subject or genre you prefer. WallTriX enables you to organize all of your information online with surprising ease. Using a variety of applications, you can become a content wizard and generate original material you can offer to your social networking friends and partners. With WallTriX, create as many display walls as you want on any topic in any style and in any format.

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