Saturday, September 4, 2010


What does WallTriX have that other platforms don’t? WallTriX is unlike any other online platform. It has everything a surfer needs – file sharing, a social network, an advanced browser, an amazing media player, email, a smart search engine, and much, much more.

Your One-Stop Site for Applications and Content Solutions. Even if you only intend to use a single WallTriX application, you won’t be able to stop there. Soon you’ll find yourself enjoying the full WallTriX range of smart solutions. Look at our file sharing, for example. Want to upload photos? With WallTriX, you can do it fast, without limits on file size. Planning to upload videos? With WallTriX, you can upload far more than the ten minute limit at other sites. You can actually upload files of any length you want – 40 minutes, 80 minutes. Anything’s possible!

Why so Many WallTriX Solutions? The vision we set down for our developers was to meet and exceed every need a surfer could have. During development, we reviewed and tested user interfaces in detail to meet the most exacting demands of today’s internet users. Surfers now integrate applications, online skills and familiarity with ever-widening networks. They expect to receive more, and to waste far less time. This is precisely the WallTriX advantage. WallTriX’s convenience, availability and ease of use make visiting the platform, and doing all of your tasks there, pure pleasure.

More and More Users Addicted to WallTriX! What do surfers find in WallTriX that they don’t find at other sites? Well, there’s the experience of being part of an active user community that is open and thirsty for innovation. On the site itself, as users enjoy more and more tools and applications, WallTriX becomes a real online partner, facilitating anything they want to do online with remarkable ease. Professionals find tools that help them work more efficiently. Surfers and video freaks find the perfect solution for organizing files. Heavy users enjoy a cutting-edge site that offers a world of practical solutions that combine both fun and networking.

Want to know more? Visit WallTriX for yourself. Find out for what makes WallTriX so much more exciting than any other site out there!

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