Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How Can You Upload Video Files without Size or Time Limits?

WallTriX: The Recommended Platform for Uploading Video Files

Can you upload video files of 120 minutes in length to YouTube or other file sharing sites? The answer is no. Most file sharing sites limit file length and storage volume. And we’re not even talking about the time needed to upload files to those sites. Anyone who has shared video files has no doubt encountered long frustrating waits. Well, WallTriX is heaven on earth for all you video fans. Here, nobody limits your file length or your storage volume. You can upload any file you want, of any duration, at high speed and without the infuriating waits. Your videos are listed on a display wall on your desktop and are ready for viewing in no time at all!

Send Video Files of Any Length to Your Friends

You can send your friends invitations to view the personalized video display walls you build. If you want, every video file you upload can be available for viewing by surfers who visit. Alternatively, you can limit viewing to your friends only. The WallTriX viewing revolution significantly upgrades your surfing experience and provides you with a whole new world of unlimited possibilities for video sharing. If it’s so good, no doubt you’re wondering about the cost. Well, unlike other site that charge for excess storage volume, at WallTriX, the service is free. So, what are you waiting for? Go to the WallTriX site, sign up, and start enjoying video uploads and viewing unlimited by time or storage volume.

WallTriX isn’t Just Uploading Files

WallTriX is one of the smartest online platforms out there. It developed by a crack team of Israeli developers to assist surfers everywhere and enhance the quality of their online experience in a number of ways. WallTriX is also a search engine that displays files as images, a smart browser and a media player supporting every format. From the WallTriX site, you can additionally manage a social network, build display walls of files and then send them anywhere by email. You can even search for lost files on your own computer by viewing them as images -the fastest, easiest method of locating files you can’t find any other way. are you Interested? Check out the WallTriX site and start enjoying life online more than you ever could have imagined!

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