Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We need your opinion: Tell Us About Your WallTriX Experience!

If You’re Already Using WallTriX, Tell Us About It!

At WallTriX we believe in continual improvement. For this reason, we turn to you, our users, for your valuable perspective and comments on using WallTriX live. This is how we find out what you really think about our product. Like thousands of others who are already using WallTriX, you’ll be pleased to know that WallTriX is constantly working to improve the quality of your surfing. We are progressively offering more and more applications to enhance your online experience. WallTriX is an advanced search engine that displays files as images, a smart browser and a comprehensive media player that supports all file formats.

Your Experience is More Important Than Any Testing Tool!

WallTriX is working on improving our software development all the time. We are also responsive to the changing needs of users. Do you have an idea for a new WallTriX use or application? Do you Have questions about the WallTriX? Send us your ideas and thoughts. If you want to offer constructive criticism, Write us at: We’ll even post your message on our blog with a link to your blog or site!

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