Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lady GaGa+Madonna+U2+Beatles - All in a Private Show on Your Desktop

Pick all the Music in the World and post it Right on Your Desktop. Cool+music+fun+apps=Walltrix

Use Walltrix for building a video wall with all of your music hits
If until now you’ve been flipping between websites to create a playlist, here’s some good news. From today on you can use WallTriX to build a video wall of all the hits you love without limits on video length or storage. Go to any site, download the videos you choose and upload them to your personal profile wall on WallTriX. Lady Gaga, Madonna, U2, Britney Spears, The Rolling Stones or Mozart, Trance, Rock, Classical, Hip Hop – any musical style in the world can be part of your WallTriX video wall.

Let the Music Promote You
Create video display walls at the WallTriX site on any musical genre you like. Then send them to anyone you want with an attached personal message. You’re the editor. You select the content, and you define the tags and search terms that drive your needs. As an example, you can take Britney Spears videos, comedy clips, animation and mash it all up to create your wall display. Then go share your personal style anywhere you want online.

WallTriX – The Show Starts Now
The WallTriX platform is open to the world online. In simple terms, this means more users and many more options for self- promotion. Unlike existing social networks, the people who will be happiest to connect with you are those who really dig your style. Madonna says that music make the people come together. This is especially true online. When more people are attracted to your style, you can promote yourself quickly and easily. Imagine a display wall comprising tens of clips that you select, each presenting a style that you choose, and all of them promoting your online presence. Send the wall to a distribution list, invite friends to view it, and most important, enjoy every moment of your own desktop viewing. So… go to the WallTriX site, sign up for free and start enjoying your show!

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