Friday, February 12, 2010

Warning! Browsing in a Windows Environment Could Cause You to Die of Boredom!

Windows+WallTriX=More Fun!
Do you sometimes feel trapped by Windows? No doubt you’ve asked yourself how you could work better on your PC and online. It’s important to emphasize that this post isn’t intended to criticize Windows. Windows is, in fact, a very effective program. Rather, the intention is to give you some tips that will help improve your surfing using WallTriX. If you work in a Windows environment, you are certainly aware that one of the program’s weaknesses is that it displays text, not images. But your online world becomes richer and more interesting when you use WallTriX. WallTriX significantly upgrades your online display, and allows you to better manage all your entire PC content as well as your online activities.

WallTriX’s Clear Advantage = Maximum Benefit
WallTriX was developed to enrich your computer’s display possibilities. As a browser, WallTriX displays every file, website, media format or document as an image. Through an easy-to-use interface, you can create a smart display wall that helps you manage the content you upload and download from the internet. You won’t get lost when working simultaneously online and on your PC, when writing documents and emails in parallel, or when watching videos on YouTube and sending tweets on Twitter at the same time. This flexibility provides enormous effectiveness in minimum time. Searching for files is simple and quick. Online searches return websites as images, with no mystery blue links. Like this, you are been assured of maximum control in your searches without a single wasted moment.

What’s the Best Program for Parallel Surfing?
The key question is whether the Windows environment is suitable for parallel surfing, and for working on multiple online channels simultaneously. As a surfer, you’re never in the same place for long. You multitask on various sites and on your PC, so you need a tool that will help you juggle all of your activities. WallTriX is the solution you need. The WallTriX wall presents all of your sites, files and document in a visual, intuitive way. You can move between your tasks with amazing efficiency, and without any unnecessary waste of time. Take a tour to the WallTriX site and discover an effective tool that will help you manage online and offline activies in parallel with an ease you’ve never known!

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