Thursday, February 11, 2010

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It’s Time to Increase Your Network Presence. Start surfing with Wllaltrix, the new personal promotion tool for social media.

Super Bowl viewers are considered to be the most important audience by many advertisers. Advertisers have been willing to pay almost any price for a Super Bowl commercial in order to benefit from the high viewing percentages. In a precedent-setting move, for the first time in 23 years Pepsi has decided to skip the Super Bowl and instead pour some 20 million dollars into social media advertising. The internet has officially become the new media for corporations, companies and businesses. And for you too. If you are a small business, or even a private individual, meet the newest tool in the social media game.

How Can WallTriX Differentiate You from Others?

Let’s look at a common example. Suppose you use Twitter to promote your business, and occasionally visit or Tweetmeme to stay current. You retweet from the sites, but when you do that you are effectively promoting Tweetmeme and Now there’s a hot new way to promote yourself online. WallTriX is the amazing visual search engine that displays files as a wall of images. When you find interesting information, you can tweet about it and the link that appears will jump back to your WallTriX account. Surfers that follow will view the impressive visual wall of information you create about your field. It doesn’t matter what subject you are promoting. WallTriX enables you to build visual display walls on any topic with content from the sites you like.

Stop Promoting Other Sites and Start Promoting Yourself

WallTriX enables you to collect articles from any site you want in your account and display them on a truly remarkable visual presentation wall. Found important information at Made a scoop at TechCrunch? Discovered a link on Digg that is interesting to others? It’s time to promote yourself through the media you’ve found. You don’t have to promote other sites in order to get interesting material. Now you can build your own wall of visual information that displays every link as an image.

Imagine a display wall on music, real estate, communications, social media – any topic from any site you like. Every web page is presented as an image, not as a mystery link. All you need to do is send the page to your contact on any social media site you want. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed, BuzzFeed and all the rest. So… get to the WallTriX site and start really promoting yourself, not everyone else.

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