Saturday, September 4, 2010

Who Manages Your Online Investment? Meet Your Smart Social Promoter

Social networks are the most valuable tools for online promotion. It’s no secret that the status of links is declining. Links aren’t content. They’re a tool for promotion on search engines. As search engines have evolved, however, they have moved away from assigning weight to links and towards valuing content, especially with the massive presence of social networks. Your online social standing is no less important than your investment portfolio. Your investment in your social network could generate revenue through your online presence and prominence in the right places. Everyone will want to know you and everyone will want to connect to you. So how do you position yourself as a social leader? Here’s everything you need to know:

Website Promoters, Business Owners, Company Directors and Advertisers: You Need to Invest in Your Online Social Portfolio. WallTriX – Giving You Quality Social Standing.Billions of tweets on Twitter, 30 billion videos on US servers, 500 million Facebook users. You can’t compete with these statistics as an individual surfer. It’s a lost cause. Every time you sit down in front of your computer, you’re probably wondering how the heck you can stand out and manage to promote yourself. Well, the magic word is content. Audio content, video content, music content, picture content, file content. Unique, original content that you collect or generate and want to show other surfers. Don’t let the massive traffic stats of leading sites deceive you. For them, you’re a tool, a human promotion machine they use to promote themselves. But only a site that helps you build a profile that presents your own unique selections can help you promote yourself socially.

Learn from the Leading Websites and Start Using WallTriX to Build Your Own Original Content. WallTriX provides a smart platform that can drive your online social standing. How does it work? You sign up for free, open an account and start uploading the content you select from any site you like. The WallTriX search engine will help you do this with maximum speed. The friendly WallTriX interface and advanced capabilities enable you to upload photos and videos without restrictions. Yes, you heard that right. No restrictions, unlike Flickr or YouTube. You can put as much content as you want on your profile with no storage limits, and you can do it in less than a quarter of the time it would take you with those other sites. Now imagine your profile bursting with high quality content that boosts your online status organically.

Promote Yourself. Invite New Friends from Other Leading Sites to Your WallTriX Profile Simply by Sending a Link. Unlike simple social network tools, WallTriX gives you added value. It’s an all-in-one tool. Send important text messages, design your profile layout, combine photos and video clips, add music videos and you have created a display wall worth visiting. This smart promotion model helps you stand out on any social network. Suppose you’ve been inviting friends to visit your blog until now. WallTriX is far more dynamic than any blog. Everything is visible to other surfers, and in only a few seconds they can see your taste and style and decide if they want to connect to you. Now it’s all up to you. WallTriX gives you the best available tools for promoting yourself online. More and more surfers are joining WallTriX and improving their online status. You’re invited to be one of them. Visit the WallTriX site, sign up for free and start promoting yourself today!

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